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  • Meet the media: Rebecca Holman
    Meet the media Rebecca Holman, deputy editor, The Debrief
  • Life of pixels
    Corporate animation has its roots in cartoon mascots and live-action video. Why is animation so valuable to communications today? Brittany Golob investigates
  • A history of violence
    A history of violence Countering violent extremism through communications may be the most effective route to reaching the so-called hearts and minds of those most susceptible to extremist messaging. Jem...
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Laying communications foundations

Focusing solely on external brand communications and ignoring internal engagement is a half-baked solution that can lead to unengaged staff who fail to deliver…
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Proud partnerships

Partnerships between brands and organisations can breed inspiring results. All of the partnerships shortlisted for the 2015 Corporate Engagement Awards (CEA)…
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Insurance giant jettisons coal holdings

Aviva has become the latest investor to join the growing number of organisations signing up to the global fossil fuel divestment campaign. The British…
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Porta Communications continues its comms empire expansion

Broker Profile, the specialist investor relations consultancy, has been bought by newly established Capital Access Group in a £4m+ deal structured by…
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Funding community football

Community football clubs will benefit from funding gifted by the Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund. The £15.1m will help to improve 101 grassroots…
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Making an impact in IC

The theme at this year’s CIPR Inside conference is ‘Making an Impact’. Steven Murgatroyd, CIPR Inside vice chair, says, “Making an impact is a core theme for…
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Are you ready for the next reporting cycle?

With new regulations coming into play, there's a lot to consider for the production of your next annual report. The Evolution of the Annual Report conference on 30 September will ensure delegates come away prepared to tackle the forthcoming reporting cycle. The event will address legislative changes and look to companies that are demonstrating innovation in their reporting approach.

The event is jam-packed with relevant and need to know topics such as: 
•    How to respond to the most recent and approaching regulations and legislations
•    The potential impacts of the EU directive on social and environmental reporting
•    The role of content and storytelling in integrated reporting
•    What you need to know about reporting internationally

Visit the website for more information and to book your places. Tickets are just £145.



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