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A press conference with the press

Strong communication between journalists and PR professionals ensure that both sides get the most out of each other’s services and brands. PR Newswire…
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Best in brand development honoured at Transform Awards

Every year, the Transform Awards sets the standard for brand development, rebranding and brand positioning work in Europe. Work from all sectors, sizes of…
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Fashion in revolt

This Friday (24 April) is Fashion Revolution Day, when fashion brands globally will be asked to be more transparent with their supply chains. The public are…
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Britain as a brand: beyond left and right

As the post-austerity UK elections approach and many citizens lament the lack of real choice, Bob Sheard, director of Fresh Britain branding agency, explains…
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Accounting for intangible assets

Intangible assets are, by definition, difficult to define, amass and explain. Yet, corporate reporting standards require assets to be accounted for. For…
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Corporate & Financial Awards recognises innovative, effective corporate comms

Corporate communications has never been more important. Never before have so many groups of stakeholders had access to corporate information or the ability to…
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As the pressure mounts on companies to increase the transparency of their corporate reporting and to take a longer-term perspective on the factors affecting their businesses, the issue of human capital is rising up the agenda.

Recognising employee’s talents and contributions to a business can increase its productivity, thus being an indicator of how human capital is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s corporate communications community. This conference is essential for those working in investor relations, HR and corporate communications as it will explore the ways in which these teams can communicate effectively to marry up the messages each of these departments have about human capital in their annual report.

Topics include:

  • examining whether a common set of metrics for all businesses to measure human capital is feasible
  • how different business models have alternative ways of structuring the reporting process 
  • what investors need to know about human capital when looking to take a stake in a company
  • how employer brand management affects human capital

With speakers from:



EY.gif FRC.jpg Hermes_cropped.jpg Unilever.jpg

Date: 15 May 2015
Venue: 200 Aldersgate, St Paul’s, London
Website: www.communicatemagazine.co.uk/humancapital 

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