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Celebrating corporate video

The main function of corporate communications is to oversee an organisation’s media relations and communication strategy, while ensuring the wellbeing of…
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Employer Brand Management Awards sets benchmark for brand comms

Developing and protecting an organisation’s reputation as an employer is important not only with regards to the attraction and retention of employees, but in…
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On bad terms

Complex small print terms and conditions disconnects the flow of brand language across all touch-points and is something that needs attention. Reading page…
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Brand engages employees with M&As

In terms of mergers and acquisitions, 2015 was a huge year, and, with the HIS and Markit merger and Shell’s £40bn acquisition of BG Group, 2016 looks likely to…
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Communicators lack strategy

Internal communication is arguably the most integral function in place in any workforce. Its correct application ensures the employees of an organisation are…
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UK companies lag in reputation ratings

Quality products, customer service excellence, openness and transparency and ethical business are the key points the Reputation Institute’s Ed Coke says build…
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