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Irish government agrees to sell shares in Aer Lingus

The Irish government has agreed to sell its 25% stake in Aer Lingus causing shares in the Irish airline to rise. This follows two unsuccessful attempts at…
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Speaking the language

Tone of voice and personality are easy things to get right on a one-to-one basis. Add in the complexities of corporate jargon and the minutiae involved in…
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Making strides in sustainability communications

Communicating about the necessity, benefits and processes involved in corporate sustainability and CSR can be a difficult thing for even the most assiduous…
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Building an employer brand

Employer brand, the brand journey as experienced by an organisation’s people, is the Holy Grail for HR and recruitment professionals, and is an essential part…
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Intangibles and insights in IR and HR

For communicators searching to prove value on their companies’ investment in employees, branding and other intangible assets, the investment and shareholder…
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The HR boat that rocked

The busy HR professional rarely gets a chance to look beyond the complexities of their own organisation and its unique company culture. Yet, meeting with peers…
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The Corporate Engagement Awards celebrates the best corporate partnerships, sponsorships and CSR programmes. It honours those who creatively collaborate to produce insightful and engaging projects and campaigns which benefit all parties involved.

2015 marks the fifth anniversary of what has swiftly become the benchmark awards event recognising partnerships and sponsorships that help promote, support and grow a corporate brand.

2014 winners of the awards include:


Unknown.png o2_400.jpg prem.jpg Unknown.jpg

 Categories span:

  • Best sports and leisure programme
  • Most effective short term programme
  • Most effective sponsorship of a single event
  • Best programme to raise brand awareness
  • Best team effort during a programme

Final deadline for entries is 11 June 2015.

For more information visit www.corporateengagementawards.com



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