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Sustainable reporting improving, survey says

The push for increased sustainability reporting has been taken up on a global scale by international organisations, individual businesses, the UN, EU and local…
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Networks, war and managing influencer relations

In modern warfare, counterinsurgency theory dictates that success can be gained through winning the hearts and minds of a community or audience – a process…
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Debating sustainable strategy in manufacturing

The first of a series of supper clubs organised by Blond Ideas Group kicked off with the question “Sustainability: a waste of space?” The discussion moved…
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CIPR to produce and distribute its own content from 2015

Change is afoot at the CIPR, in more ways than one. It has refocused in recent months on its training and education offering as part of its push toward…
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High stress levels in the workplace

It is, to a certain degree, the internal communicator’s role to ensure the mental wellbeing of their staff. However, recent research by mental health charity,…
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Public affairs successes recognised by new awards

When it was established earlier this year, the Public Affairs Awards filled a gap in the communications awards landscape, says MD of Zetter’s Political…
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Swap ten minutes of your time for an Apple Watch.


We’re doing some research for an article in a forthcoming issue of Communicate magazine and need your help. We need answers to a few questions on how (or if) you use video to communicate with your company’s employees, for training, employee engagement or for any other reason. All participants will be entered into a draw and one lucky respondent will win an Apple Watch (as soon as it’s out in the shops), courtesy of Kontiki, the enterprise video delivery company.


To complete the survey head here



Thanks for taking the time and good luck with the draw!






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